CF 27 CL

col gauche

CF 27 CL
Hibrid de tip linoleic tolerant la erbicide

col droite


Principalele caracteristici agronomice: 
  • Foarte buna capacitate de productie
  • Foarte buna toleranta la Verticilium
  • Toleranta la fringere si cadere
  • Adaptabil pentru zonele cu deficit de umiditate

Caracteristici morfo-fiziologice

  • Maturitate: semi-tardiv
  • Continut ridicat de ulei
  • Toleranta foarte buna la Sclerotinia
  • Toleranta la mana : rasele 100, 300, 304, 307, 314, 334
  • Toleranta la erbicidele pe baza de Imazamox, ajuta la combaterea lupoaiei, chiar si rasele virulente
Ratings are based upon a number of years testing in numerous locations. Adverse agronomical practices environmental conditions and planting dates may alter hybrid's performance, maturity, and resistance to certain diseases and insects.
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