Hysun 202 CL

col gauche

Hysun 202 CL
Linoleic hybrid , Mid-Early maturity

col droite


Main features: 

Very stable and regular hybrid all over the regions

Resitant to root lodging

Clearfield® tolerance enables to control broomrape





Diseases Behaviors

Downy mildew (tolerant to races): 100, 300, 304, 314, 334

Phomopsis : M

Verticillium : HT

Phoma : T

Sclerotinia : M

Broomrape: S



Additional informations
Registration: EU – 2012
Tolerant to Imidazolinone herbicides
Drought tolerance : T
Lodging tolerance : HT
At flowering : Mid-Late
At harvest : Mid-Early
(Susceptible) / M (Moderatly Tolerant) / T (Tolerant) / HT (Highly tolerant)


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