ALTA SEEDS provides growers with the most advanced sunflower hybrids allying yield performance, disease resistance, herbicide tolerance, different oil types and high oil content.
With breeding programs now established in Europe, and one biotech laboratory dedicated to sunflower based in Balcarce, Argentina,  ALTA SEEDS research is continuously and rapidly improving its sunflower hybrid portfolio for disease and broomrape tolerance to offer new solutions to growers and to end consumers.

In 2009, Advanta Seed International has been the first company to produce and sell high stearic sunflower oil under the brand Nutrisun, derived from High Stearic-High Oleic sunflowers. This revolutionary sunflower oil , Nutrisun, will help fighting heart and vascular diseases, and bring end consumers health benefits, by the progressive replacement of hydrogenated and transfats rich oils in human food.

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