The new European brand of ADVANTA SEEDS 

ALTA SEEDS is the new brand for Europe, CIS and North American businesses of Advanta Seeds Company. ALTA SEEDS enjoys strong genetic expertise and longtime legacy of the foundation companies of Advanta Seed International. In addition ALTA SEEDS have unique, superior and highly diversified germplasm base in oil seeds and in Sorghum.

ALTA SEEDS aim is to provide European most advanced farmers with high performing field crop seeds, combining good disease and stress tolerance, strong yield output and most innovative traits.

ALTA SEEDS already offers a wide range of sunflower and sorghum hybrids fitting various European environments and cropping conditions.

Being involved in research activities within European region, ALTA SEEDS will continue to innovate and to constantly launch new superior hybrids in the coming years.

ALTA SEEDS main challenge and main business driver will be to constantly improve framers’ productivity and income through high quality and high performing seeds.

To know more about ADVANTA SEEDS: the global corporate business of ALTA SEEDS